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Waste Bin Rentals—Short or Long Term

Waste Bin Options and Terms of Agreement



4 Cubic Yard Waste Bin

6’ wide, 5’ deep, 4.5’ high

6 Cubic Yard Waste Bin

6’ wide, 6’ deep, 5’ high

10 Cubic Yard Waste Bin

6’ wide, 12’ deep, 4.5' high, with gate

14 Cubic Yard Waste Bin

7’ wide, 14’ deep, 4.5' high, with gate

20 Cubic Yard Waste Bin

8’ wide, 16’ deep, 4.5’ high, with gate

Waste Material

Acceptable solid waste material generated by the customer will be disposed of under this agreement by CWC. Customer accepts total liability for all solid waste material banned at landfills and transfer stations as well as any hazardous waste. In the instance that unacceptable materials are found within the load, the customer acknowledges that additional charges will be incurred or the entire load may be rejected. The customer must ensure that the bin contents do not extend past the height of the roll off bin itself.

Unacceptable Material

Unacceptable material includes asbestos, hazardous waste, lead acid batteries, liquid waste, medical waste, motor oil, PCBs, propane tanks, radioactive waste, sewage, animal carcasses, metal and tires. Prior arrangements must be made prior to disposal of appliances and computers.


The customer acknowledges that CWC shall not be liable for any damages to pavement, curbing or driving surface resulting from its trucks servicing the agreed upon area.

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